Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fine!! If You Say So!

Caption 156 - Fine!! If You Say So!


  1. How fortunate can a guy get? What a wonderful Mom he has! This cruise will be the best experience he has, well until he makes Mikayla permanent!!!

  2. Please make some more caps!

  3. oh oh mommy this has always been my secret desire to be a real cute pretty little girly thank's fo finding me out and than turning me into your daughter! now i can wear dresses skirts sliops panties and girly shoes all of the time oh oh mommy i love being a little girly please call me suzy ann from now on! i'm i'm a girly now forever!

  4. oh oh and mom i love these dress you and i have picked out together from now on this is all i am going to be wearing cute pretty girly girl girl dresses i love being a real girl!


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