Saturday, July 5, 2014

Body Changes For The Better

Caption 148 - Body Changes For The Better


  1. Hi Mikayla! I'm just here to let you know how I like the kind of caps you're doing here...simply amazing! never trivial and always fresh and stunning as well as the pictures! Maybe for you It could be silly, but you're one of the artists in this beautiful community which has pushed me, much more than many others, to try to do my own captions. I sincerely thanks you for what are you doing with this blog! And then, maybe if you have time, check my see my first works on tg fiction, in particular tg captions focused on slow and gradual changes not only physical but as well mental. Obviously, If you have any advice in order to improve my works, It will be really welcome.
    My regards and kisses,

    Ps. no need to say, I've added you to my favorites; who could resist?


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