Sunday, September 2, 2012

Time To Shine!!!

Time To Shine!!! - Dedicated to my good friend Courtney from Courtney's clean caps
Courtney and I made this cap together, hope you like :)

I also wanted to take some time to share one of my favorite channels on YouTube.
This is Bethany's back to school hairstyles video:Bethany's cute styles
I've used this site soo many times, shes a life saver, my favourtie one to do is the side ponytail.
let me know what you girls think!


Mikayla :)


  1. Like the collaborative cap with Courtney. I like things like Majorettes and cheerleading a lot.
    I'll give Bethany's video a view when a Mp3 album finishes playing out here as I enjoy playing with my hair styling it in different ways.


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